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Kingston BABY Tree

Family Session Programme for 18mths above

Kingston Sunshine TODDLER

Drop-off Programme for 3-4yrs

Kingston KIDS Garden

Drop-off Programme for 5-6yrs


Singapore’s Preferred Infant School

Kingston House is an established early learning centre with a reputation for helping children learn and grow in a holistic manner. Known as one of the best infant schools in Singapore, Kingston is famous for fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for learning in its pupils by engaging them in fun, creative learning activities. Our school is a warm, positive environment where children aged between six months and six years can engage in active learning and group activities.

The friendly, nurturing educators are the heart of our infant school in Singapore. They are the ones who’ll care and teach your toddlers on a day to day basis, helping them to become independent, inquisitive, and passionate individuals. All of our teachers are highly experienced in early childhood education and development and will work closely with your child to ensure they thrive physically, emotionally, intellectually and personally. Our K-Baby Tree Family Session, K-Sunshine Toddler Drop-off and K-Kids Garden Drop-off programs are specially designed to provide infants, with the appropriate challenges and activities for their age group whilst our Speech and Drama program is suitable for all ages.

Our teachers make a concerted effort to communicate effectively with parents to ensure they remain abreast of their child’s progress as well as up to date about what is happing at the school in terms of assignments and field trips. Our infant and toddler programs are designed to be flexible enough to encompass different paces of development, so if we find your child is struggling, we will simply adjust our teaching mode to suit their needs.

Programs that think outside of the box

Education at Kingston is not solely confined to sitting and studying at the table. Many studies suggest that young children learn best whilst engaging in meaningful activities and so we strive to provide a varied curriculum program which includes things like music, pretend play, block building, children’s books, art materials, puppet show, and table toys such as pegboards, lego and puzzles. Our teachers not only work with the entire class, but also pay attention to individual children.

At Kingston House, our Singapore infant programs allow our young ones to explore the natural world of plants and animals. Besides this, they also work on projects and are encouraged to play and explore. Apart from filling worksheets, children are also permitted to play outside every day.

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