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(British Citizen / Singapore PR)   

Senior Academic Manager     

Senior Teacher                                             


P.G.C.E Primary Education: Northumbria University

BSc (Hons) Psychology: University of Abertay, Dundee    (September 2007- July 2008)

(September 2002 – July 2006)

As soon I was old enough to work, I followed my passion for working with children.

My teaching experience has been broad and fulfilling. As most teachers will tell you, there is never a dull day when working with children and every day is filled with laughter. This is the best way for both children and adults to learn. Such an environment is what I, as a teacher hope to create in my classroom. By supporting each child so that their individual needs are met helps to build a child’s confidence and knowledge at a steady pace.

As a child I loved exploring and discovering my surroundings, whether it was role play or digging in the dirt for worms. Now, as a mother I want to provide opportunities for my child to do the same. In this fast paced world, it can be easy to forget how to enjoy the little moments in life and so here at Kingston House, I hope to use my knowledge and experience to offer new and exciting experiences to other children.

Professional background

  • English Enrichment teacher, providing a thematic teaching approach to children from K1 to P5 following the MOE curriculum.
  • Voluntary work in a special needs international school, supporting students from P3 to Secondary 1, following the Australian curriculum.
  • Lead Teacher in a Speech and Language unit following the UK curriculum.
  • Play worker and deputy manager of a student care programme etc.