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Professor Haruo Ookubo

Professor Haruo Ookubo LL.M,
Vice President,Professor of Laws
Musashino Gakuin University
Past First President, Komazawa University (Tomakomai)
Tokyo University researcher in Education and Law
Japan Council for Quality higher education evaluator
Junior College Accreditation evaluator
Kumon Human Development Education Centre Director
Current 13th Generation Owner of Historical National Asset-Umonegino-Ya

It is my pleasure to be able to support one of KomazawaUniversity’s Business Faculty top 1st class honours graduates Ms. Kaien, in her entrepreneurship endeavour to set up Kingston House-Children Learning Centre in the Republic of Singapore that offers Pre-school enrichment programmes for children.

Ms.Kaien has been my mentee and is well likes by many lecturers during her undergraduate days as she has shown academic excellence, including winningmany scholarships.

Some 2 years ago, she seeks my blessing on her vision to open a centre in Singapore to provide Bilingual enrichment lessons for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and today I am happy to see the crystallization of her vision in Kingston House – Children Learning Centre, that I am sure will make a difference to all the wonderful children as they embark on their academic development.
There is a Japanese proverb (三つ子の魂百まで)

Which means that, what you start young to learn at age 3, will last a hundred years.

I have devoted some 57 years in the fields of education in Japan that resulted with the founding of 8 universities to cater for various professional career and I am proud and honoured to accept Ms.Kaien invitation to be an Academic Advisory Board Member of Kingston House – Children Leaning Centre which complete the full circle of education to its original starting point.

I wish her every success and happiness that will make a difference to all.

Haruo Ookubo
Tokyo, Japan
October 2013