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Susan Livsey

Susan Livsey
Academic Board Member
Bachelor of Education, Australia
Graduate Dip. Education (Multi-Cultural Education), TESOL, Australia
Dip.Teaching, Phillip Inst. Australia

I’m delighted to be able to share my professional knowledge and experience as a member of the Academic Board of Kingston House. This exciting project reflects my educational philosophy of inclusive, differentiated curriculum, to meet a diverse range of learning needs in an atmosphere which is enriched by, and celebrates the diverse cultural identities of the students.
I have extensive experience teaching and mentoring, guiding and working with children and teachers. I gained this experience working; as a consultant with the Catholic Education Office in Melbourne Australia in the New Arrivals program, working in leadership roles in schools to implement appropriate ESL and literacy programs, lecturing at Deakin University in Language and Literacy and heading up the EAL department in two international schools in Singapore and China.

Susan Livsey
Melbourne Australia
October 2013