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Yunxia Sun

Academic Board Member
Master in Management Research, Beijing Normal University
B.A. Early Childhood Education, Beijing Normal University

If you were to ask me, what makes me happiest, I will without hesitation relate to providing the best of education to children as one. In my life I often feel and hear the joy of children’s laughter lingering at the back of my ear and it always brightens my day.

This time another happier occasion occurs in being honored to receive the invitation of Kaien, to join the Academic Board of Kingston House-Children Learning Centre, and to contribute my professional experience and research in my 20 years research and study of Preschool Education.

Her Bilingual approach in providing enrichment curriculum to teach Children at an very early age in Kingston House warrants my support and endorsement as I believe that this is the very best gift we can do for all children.

I wish the Kingston House-ChildrenLearning Center will become the children’s happy paradise.

My humble academic background is as follows:
• Expert member of the group of the Ministry of Education to draft “the Kindergarten, Safety & Friendly Environment standards”
• China “Early Childhood Education” national preschool invited researcher
• The membership committee of Preschool Education in China
• Education Inspectorate expert of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government
• Shenzhen special education “Baby& Mother”magazine invited member on reading
• The Shenzhen Committee on Preschool Education Professional member
• Director of Shenzhen City Children’s English Education Research Association
• Member of Shenzhen Artists Association
• Members of the Shenzhen Dancers Association

Yunxia Sun
Beijing China
October 2013