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Kingston BABY Tree (6mths ~)


Family Session


6 months above with family

Available Language

English / Mandarin / Japanese 


Ensure your child flourishes intellectually, socially, and personally by enrolling them in one of Kingston’s state of the art programs. Our programmes are most popular as they foster holistic development in a positive, nurturing environment and produce enthusiastic learners who are well on their way to becoming proficient multilingual native speakers. The goal of this program is to encourage independent thinking, and a passion for learning, as well as helping children to develop strong social skills through interaction with their peers and educators.

Classes are conducted in a mixture of English, Mandarin, and Japanese and employ fun interactive activities to educate as well as foster a long-term passion for language and learning. Numerous studies have shown that learning a second or third language during infancy and childhood has lifelong benefits in regards to an individual’s cognitive and critical thinking abilities across all disciplines.

A carefully curated speech and drama program to foster holistic intellectual development

Although we offer dropoff programs for children only aged between 3 and 6 years old, our infant and toddler program is curated to educate children aged from 6 months to 2 years as a family session. The 1.5 hour infant and toddler sessions run several times a week at Kingston with classes conducted entirely in pure English, Mandarin, and Japanese native environment. The curriculum is structured to foster and encourage physical, social, intellectual, linguistic, creative and personal development with fun, engaging activities that target each developmental need.

Classes begin with speech and drama activities such as singing and dance followed by story time. The infants and toddlers are then further stimulated creatively and encouraged to hone their fine motor skills with art and crafts which often employ shapes, numbers, and colours identification exercises. Outdoor play on our state of the art playground is then followed up with snack time as the class begins to wind down. At this point in the class, our educators often initiate phonics activities through things like puppet shows to reinforce the linguistic skills that have been taught throughout the day. Each program finishes with music which relaxes the children whilst helping them practice listening skills.

When you enroll your toddler or infant in our speech and drama program, our educators will work one on one with your child to ensure they feel safe and supported in this new environment.