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Kingston KIDS Garden (5-6yrs)





Available Language

English / Mandarin / Japanese 


Child Development: 5 – 6 years

The children are more coordinated and fine motor skills are improving, which leads to;

  • Understand simple concepts and recognize some words by sight.
  • Become more social active and prefer to play with friends rather than on her own.
  • Become more independent and likes making small decisions.

For the children at this stage, social interactions will take on a greater significance as they spend more time and they may put more emphasis on relationship with other outside the immediate family such as friends and teachers.


Kingston KIDS Program

The children will experience a tremendous learning growth as they tackle more difficulties. Classes are conducted in order for every child to encourage to have such curiosities towards what they see, hear and feel.

The programme is a wide range of programmes to meet each child needs as follows;

  • Trilingual language, English, Mandarin and Japanese
  • Activities to inspire the 5 Senses; sight, hear, smell, taste and touch.
  • Environment to nurture the children’s holistic development.
  • Education to develop emotional growth.


Speech & Drama

At this stage of the children, they grow holistically and can play musical instruments and perform dances. The children can create a speech & drama together with teachers and classmates and obtain skills how to express themselves accurately and learn how to work on projects with others.


They are capable to learn any languages

One of the Kingston House’s strength is that, it is an international environment which enables the children to learn other languages and cultures naturally.

They can become trilingual through Fun-activities instead of just a traditional “sit and learn” environment.

Kingston House believes that relationship mix with “Love and Passion” create a “Capable” global citizens.