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Kingston Sunshine TODDLER (3-4yrs)




2 to 4 years

Available Language

English / Mandarin / Japanese 

What is it all about?

If you feel your child is ready for developing social interaction skills and to begin their stepping stones for preschool then your child is ready for our Kingston TODDLER.

Our Kingston TODDLER phonics classes are designed to help the development of the core early learning areas; communication and language, physical development and personal development. We also include literacy, maths, art and crafts, speech and drama, as well as science, cookery and music!


We Build Individuality

Pre-school is an exciting period in a child’s life where their minds crave knowledge, imaginations seek release and hands constantly look out for something to keep them busy. Kingston, one of the good nursery schools in Singapore, designs activities to induce fun and foster development in pre-school children. Apart from growing skill sets and developing fine motor skills, we also seek to encourage creativity, evoke questions and make the children happy.

Designed for children from 3 to 4 years, our Kingston TODDLER programme is aimed at equipping children with various skills such as problem-solving skills, self-help skills, social skills, teamwork, creative development and communication.

The Kingston TODDLER programme is the beginning of a child’s independent adventure away from home where they will experience the excitement of learning and friendship every day. Pre-schoolers are eager to learn and make developmental strides and express an interest in the world around them. They learn by experiencing and performing from their play, build developing skills, using language and struggling to gain inner control. They want to establish their individual identities and are more independent than toddlers as they can express their needs since they have a greater command of language. Besides, fears often develop during the preschool years. Common fears include new places and separation from parents and other important people.

Our Nursery curriculum encompasses the whole characteristic of a pre-schooler who at this stage begins to show personality traits and more intellectual development. Our experienced and caring nursery teachers understand their growth and development as in physical (body), social (getting along with others), emotional (feelings) and intellectual (thinking and language) development as it helps them to overcome challenges through this stage. We keep in mind that all preschoolers are different and reach the various stages at different times.

Our pre-schooler will have fun, filling his days in school learning and exploring in Singing and Dance, language including group story, Oxford reading series, and maths session, science and discovery time, expression and movement, speech and drama time and cookery lessons!

We offer both nursery classes for your children to immerse themselves and experience a new language through play, action songs, hands-on games and other fun activities. These classes are presented in different languages to equip your children and also to allow them to experience a different language.

The most important goal of any preschool should be to help a child feel good about himself as a learner and to feel comfortable in a school-like setting. Our caring, relaxed and happy atmosphere will allow your child to enjoy his school life, developing his potential at his own time and pace.